What is happening in the Amazon rainforest?

The Amazon rainforest generates more than 20% of the world’s oxygen and holds 10% of the world’s known biodiversity. The rainforest is essential in the fight against climate change, mass species extinction, and resource depletion. Currently, thousands of fires are ravaging the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. The National Institute of Space Research says its satellite data shows an 85% increase in fires from the same period last year.

These fires are man-made. Fire is often used to clear land for farming and ranching. Soybean farming and cattle ranching are viewed by Brazilian citizens as viable moneymaking opportunities. The newly elected prime minister, Bolsonaro, declared the Amazon “open for business” and through policy change has embolden ranchers and farmers to set fires in the rainforest. The soybeans and meat that the producers sell are sold to American markets as commodities, which creates an imbalance and ultimately drives the soybean farmers and cattle ranchers into even deeper poverty. The domino effect of deforestation will ruin the Amazon rainforest and the farms established will not be sustainable.

This Should happen in the Amazon

What should happen in the Amazon rainforest.

Although the rainforest is often viewed as inhibiting economic prosperity; with sustainable forestry practices, businesses can prosper while generating new growth in the economy and the Amazon rainforest.  By replanting trees in abandoned areas clear-cut for raising cattle and soybeans, businesses can create a resource that is
 biodegradable and renewable - WOOD!

Wood is one of the greatest renewable building resources on the planet.  Because trees are a constant growing resource, through sustainable forestry practices, we will always have enough of them.  Not only is wood renewable, but wood manufacturing is also less energy intensive and less polluting than finite resources such as plastic, concrete and metal.  Promoting the value of the trees, not only for oxygen production and carbon sequestration, but also as a sustainable resource is a policy that benefits all.  According to credible studies, sustainable forestry creates four times more jobs than cattle farming.

By purchasing from ecologically responsible sources, you are increasing the demand for products that are held to a higher standard, that account for the environment, and promote the people producing them.  At Masaya & Co, we plant trees and produce furniture from “Seed to Seat.”  We plant 100 trees for every product sold.  We plant on deforested cattle farms and bring back the forest. Mother Nature is not happy with the Amazon fires, but we make her smile.

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