4 Best Trees to Plant in Tennessee


With October just around the corner, it is time for Tennessee residents to get into the dirt and plant some trees! Early fall is the perfect time for trees to be planted because the ground is cooler but not frozen. If the soil is too hot, the root systems can not flourish but there needs to be enough time before the first frost. Notably, planting trees adds shade and beauty to properties. But, there are endless other advantages of planting trees. 

Social Advantages:

Did you know that spending time around trees and green spaces reduces the amount of stress in our daily lives? And it’s more than just daily stress. Studies show that hospital patients recover from surgery more quickly when their hospital room offers a view of trees and children retain more information taught in schools if they spend some of their time outdoors in green spaces. Tree lined streets in a community have been shown to reduce traffic speeds and generate pride within neighborhoods.

Environmental Benefits:

We all know that trees produce oxygen, but did you know they also improve our air quality by filtering harmful dust and pollutants such as ozone, carbon monoxide and sulfur oxide? And the environmental benefits of trees extend even further than our atmosphere. Trees also reduce urban heat “island effect” by evaporative cooling and the shade they provide over parking lots and buildings. They reduce stormwater runoff which in turn reduces erosion, waterway pollution and flooding. And trees don’t just benefit human life! They provide food, protection and homes for birds, mammals and important pollinators! Here at Masaya & Co, we are champions of aesthetics with a cause. So plant a tree, making your property more beautiful AND more eco-friendly.


Tree Planting Guide:

However, you can’t plant any tree in the ground. Trees native to more northern climates easily withstand winters in Tennessee, but are more subject to heat, scorch and sun-scald during the hotter summer months. Conversely, trees planted from more southern areas do well during the milder winters, but are affected by extreme winters where lower temperatures may kill the tree or accumulations of ice and snow may break branches and deform the tree. We are here to help you navigate your tree planting choices. Here is a list of the best trees to plant in Nashville:

1. Native Oaks

Planting natives is one of the best ways to assist pollinators. Native oaks, like Tennessee’s black oak, white oak, pin oak, or swamp chestnut oak, support pollinators throughout the year in many ways, but especially by providing winter shelter and healthy habitat. In fact, oaks give more than 500 pollinator species a home and enable them to return for years to come. The tree height depends on variety, but the black oak can easily grow to a height of 60’ with a spread of 60’ or larger at maturity.

2. Tulip Poplar 

With gorgeous yellow fall foliage, the Tulip Poplar grows up to 6 feet a year and is hard to beat for shade.The large, tulip-like flowers produced by the yellow poplar give this tree its name. Not actually a poplar, this tree is actually a member of the magnolia family. Its greenish-yellow blooms and sweet nectar attract pollinators. This tree needs a lot of space, so plan for them to keep growing. At maturity, it can be 90’ tall with a spread of 40’.

3. Arapaho Crape Myrtle

If you do not have endless space for a big tree’s root system to spread out, the Arapaho Crape Myrtle is calling your name! This tree provides a bright red color from spring through autumn. It doesn’t mind tight spots and it is also disease and insect resistant.

4. Autumn Cherry

Who doesn’t like cherry trees? Despite its name, the autumn cherry blooms both in the spring and the autumn. The giant white double blossoms are absolutely gorgeous and add an unparalleled elegance. A very adaptable tree, it will grow almost anywhere.

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