Trees have long been symbolic of wisdom and prosperity. We all know that they are good for the planet because they provide habitat and produce oxygen. It has been long realized that clear-cutting these elegant beauties is a bad call. However, new research shows that trees do more than produce healthy amounts of the good stuff (ei. habitat and oxygen), they also help eliminate the bad stuff (ei. Carbon) from the atmosphere. In addition to not chopping them down, by reforesting abandoned fields and golf courses, we can make major moves towards saving the Earth.

According to an article written in the New York Times by Somini Sengupta, a study from  ETH Zurich, a university that specializes in science, technology and engineering shows that with prioritized reforestation efforts, trees are capable of sequestering 2/3 of all historic human-created carbon emissions by absorbing it into their leaves and roots. 

“They concluded that the planet could support nearly 2.5 billion additional acres of forest without shrinking our cities and farms, and that those additional trees, when they mature, could store a whole lot of the extra carbon — 200 gigatons of carbon, to be precise — generated by industrial activity over the last 150 years.”

The new information calls for us to prioritize reforestation as one of the efforts in the fight to reverse climate change. At Masaya & Co, we are already doing out part by reforesting abandoned cow pastures. You can do your part by promoting reforestation and supporting businesses like us that are actively working to reforest the planet.

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