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Inflation? We reduced all our prices →

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We just reduced our prices to make sustainable furniture more accessible and plant more trees.
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We just reduced our prices to make sustainable furniture more accessible and plant more trees.

We believe sustainability and affordability should not be mutually exclusive. Over the last year, we’ve invested heavily in our plantations and furniture factory to improve productivity and become more ecologically responsible.

We decided to share our new efficiencies with our customers and pass along significant savings so our sustainable model can be within reach of a larger customer base. In our Seed to Seat® model the more furniture we sell, the more trees we can plant. 

We are thrilled to announce that we recently reduced our prices by more than 20%, on average.

Eco-conscious home furnishings should not be reserved for the affluent. The sustainability movement will not reach its full potential if eco-friendly products are out of reach for most customers. The MasayaCo team is committed to expanding accessibility and helping more people furnish their homes with modern sustainable furniture. 

Our price reductions are not a result of skimping on product quality, or "value engineering" design changes that have plagued many product categories in recent years. We remain steadfast in our commitment to craftsmanship and top-quality materials. Each piece of MasayaCo furniture is handcrafted using solid FSC certified teak wood sourced from our own farms or our reforestation partners.

Furniture should be built to last for decades - not to be disposable and end up in landfills within a handful of years. Offering generational quality furniture is an integral part of MasayaCo’s commitment to sustainability and our customers. 

In a world where inflation has eroded consumers' purchasing power, we think companies like ours have a responsibility to push back by prioritizing affordability over higher profit margins. 

Join us in our mission to build a future where eco-conscious living is accessible to many, not just a privileged few. Together, let's shape a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come and plant more trees. 

The MasayaCo Team




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