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Company History

Aram and Michael Terry founded Maderas Sostenibles, our Nicaraguan sister company, in 2008.  A reforestation project, Maderas Sostenibles came to be after Aram finished his Peace Corps assignment, and set out to create a socially and environmentally sustainable business. From 2008 to 2012 the company began to establish tree farms on deforested land, and to process and export wood products from a tropical forest destroyed by Hurricane Felix.

Today, Maderas Sostenibles manages over 1100 acres of newly re-forested land that sequesters carbon dioxide, provides a long-term renewable source of timber, and has become a wildlife sanctuary. We plant teak, mahogany, Spanish cedar, rosewood, ipe, other valuable hardwoods and organic agricultural products. We also partner with Nicaraguan owners who have older growth stands and want to practice sustainable forestry. The land is returned to forest, its natural use, and harvests are sustainable, so the forest continues forever. Our passion is the forest.

In 2012, we opened a mill and carpentry shop in Managua to process sustainably harvested wood and fabricate furniture designs.  Soon, we were making and selling our furniture product in Central America.

Justin Terry, an American artist and designer, and Abril Zepeda, a Nicaraguan designer, joined the team in 2014, bringing inspiration and energy.  Masaya is a Nicaraguan town rich in artisanal tradition and craftsmanship. Masaya has a renowned central market where artisans and craftsmen sell bowls, hammocks, art, baskets, blankets, ceramics, and many other handmade products made in small homes, studios, and sheds. Abril is a native of Masaya and her vision was to present the craftsmanship and spirit of Masaya to the world. In 2014, Masaya & Co was formed to bring products to the North American market. In 2015 we began sales in the USA. Today, we are very excited about the marriage of our reforestation initiatives and our artisanal furniture production. We are planting trees and making unique wood furniture. All is good.

From Seedling to Finished Product

Masaya & Co is dedicated to design and sustainability. Our products are handmade from sustainably sourced solid wood and offer a responsible alternative to mass production goods.

What is Sustainable Forestry?

Wood is one of few renewable raw materials. Reforestation of land ravaged by unsustainable livestock and agriculture returns the land to forest, its natural use. Once the forest returns it can be sustainably managed perpetually, establishing a better economic unit and the best environmental model.

Our Team

Multi-cultural designers, artisans, farmers, craftsmen and tree huggers…