Wood is one of the greatest renewable building resources on the planet.  Trees are a constant growing resource.  If we plant enough trees, and manage them sustainably, we will always have enough wood.   

We believe it’s better to build with wood rather than finite, energy intensive materials like plastic, concrete, and metal.  Not only is wood renewable, but wood manufacturing is less energy intensive and less polluting.  Also, each tree we plant captures carbon and positively impacts our air, water, soil, and climate as we make beautiful hardwood furniture built for generations.

Our plantations are reforestation projects. We plant hundreds of thousands of high-quality hardwoods each year.  By annually planting more trees than we harvest, a replenishing cycle is established providing both environmental and economic benefits.

In Nicaragua, and much of the third world, people must decide whether to use forest assets in a sustainable manner or sell land to clear cutting livestock and agricultural ventures.  The only way to prevent forest abuse is to dedicate the forest as a renewable source of wood and promote reforestation.  Our Seed to Seat business model is based on the concept that wood, when cultivated as a renewable resource, is an ongoing source of income and jobs, and one of our best allies in fighting climate change. 


We establish our nurseries each year during the dry season.  We have a nursery at our facility in Managua and other nurseries at our plantations in Sapoa and Chinandega.  We collect and purchase certified seed stock and germinate seedlings on site.  Each nursery (or vivero) produces between 50,000 -200,000 seedlings. The seedlings are cultivated over a 3-month period before they are planted when the rains begin in late May or June.  Many seedlings are also donated to municipalities and local NGOs to plant in parks, on riverbanks, public roads and public areas. 


Trees are planted on lands spent by cattle farming, initially about 400 trees per acre.  The reforestation process begins immediately.  By year two, some of the seedlings are six feet tall affecting the soil and temperature.  The first 2-3 years require intense maintenance as the seedlings establish as trees. Hand cleaning and pruning is necessary to protect the young trees from competing vegetation and pests.

By the fourth year, some canopy is formed and the forest begins to return.  The canopy shade cools the earth, allowing species of birds, reptiles, and insects to return to a renewing habitat. Local streams begin to clear as the new trees inhibit erosion.  Full canopy is established by year seven, and the forest inhabitants include various species of monkeys, sloths and other small mammals.  The first thinning occurs at year eight.  By year 20 some of the trees are 80-100 feet tall. The forest established is a functioning economy and the land is returned to its natural use.  Mother Nature is happy.


Our sister company Maderas Sostenibles maintains a facility in Managua with woodshop and sawmill capacities.  Harvest and thinning material is brought to Managua where the wood is graded, trimmed, and air-dried. Biomass, scrap, and other wood waste are sent to a biomass generator and converted to sustainable energy.  We dry our hardwoods in solar kilns on site.  In addition to being used for furniture, we export some of our harvested wood as lumber to countries where abusive forestry practices have virtually eliminated the supply of wood.


Our products are handmade to last for generations.  Our team of architects and furniture designers design with optimal usage in mind, knowing how to incorporate different wood species into our products.  Our high-quality teak lumber is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Local artisans from Masaya, Managua, Nagarote and La Paz Centro bring our designs to life, handcrafting our lumber into furniture at our sawmill and carpentry shop.

Our manila cord is produced in-house and woven onto our colorful lounge chairs by skilled weavers, trained onsite. All patterns on our chairs are created and designed by founder Abril Zepeda.

Masaya & Co is dedicated to design and sustainability.  We integrate classic and contemporary design with traditional artisan production methods and dense tropical hardwood.  We are proud of the quality of our workmanship, and you will be proud of the beautiful addition to your home.

And… together we will have planted at least 100 trees.


What can you do?

Your wallet is a megaphone that corporations and politicians actually listen to.  Be conscious where you spend your money and support companies that produce products in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.  Support responsible government policies that require reforestation, selective harvesting, and corporate accountability for carbon emissions. 

 AND… do what we do…. plant trees… one tree at a time.

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