Seed to Seat

Growing an infinitely renewable resource.

Using our Seed to Seat model, we have successfully planted over 1 million trees on deforested land.

Made better

Wood is a renewable material.

Plant enough trees. Manage them sustainably. And there will always be enough wood.   

A better world

Capturing carbon.

Each tree we plant captures carbon and positively impacts the air, water, soil, and climate.

A sustainable approach

Finite to infinite.

In a world where most things we buy are made out energy intensive materials like plastic, concrete, and metal, we consciously choose wood. Wood isn't just fully renewable, but it's also less energy intensive and less polluting than other options.  

We plant hundreds of thousands of trees each year. By annually planting more trees than we harvest, a replenishing cycle is established providing both environmental and economic benefits.


We collect and purchase certified seed stock and germinate seedlings on site. Each nursery produces between 50,000 -200,000 seedlings. These are then cultivated over 3-months before being planted.  Many are donated to to plant in parks, riverbanks, public roads and public areas. 

Reforestation depleted land.

Trees are planted on lands spent by cattle farming. By year two, some of the seedlings are six feet tall affecting the soil and temperature. The first 2-3 years require intense maintenance as the seedlings establish as trees.


In Managua the wood is graded, trimmed, and air-dried. Biomass, scrap, and other waste are sent to a biomass generator and converted to sustainable energy.


Our artisans craft the renewable wood into beautiful designs that are made to last for generations.

What can you do?

Your wallet is a megaphone that corporations and politicians actually listen to. Your money can support companies that produce products in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.