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FSC® Certification. Our commitment to sustainable wood forestry.
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FSC® Certification. Our commitment to sustainable wood forestry.

Sustainable Wood Forestry. Why FSC® Matters.

Imagine this: the furniture in your home, the materials in your office, and even the packaging for your latest online purchase all come from sustainably managed forests. Forest-based products are everywhere, and their origins matter now more than ever. Our world’s forests aren’t just sources of materials; they are lifelines. They regulate our climate, support biodiversity providing habitat for countless species and livelihoods for millions.  FSC® Certification demonstrates our commitment to sustainable wood forestry, showing that we’re not just using teak wood – we’re respecting it to ensure our planet thrives for generations to come.

FSC®. The Gold Standard.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is the gold standard in sustainable wood forestry management. This international organization is dedicated to promoting responsible forest stewardship that is environmentally sound, socially fair, and economically viable. With over 200 million hectares of certified forests worldwide, the FSC® sets a high bar for sustainability, working with over 30,000 license holders and leading brands. By choosing FSC®-certified products, you’re supporting a vision where our needs for forest-based products don’t compromise the health of our forests.

Three Balanced Chambers.

The FSC® is powered by a global network of over 1,000 individuals and member organizations. This democratic body is divided into three equally weighted chambers: environmental, economic, and social. These chambers ensure that every aspect of wood forestry management is balanced, from protecting ecosystems to supporting local communities and economic interests. This inclusive and democratic approach means that the FSC’s® standards are robust and considerate for all stakeholders.

Ensuring Transparency. Wood Forestry and CoC Certification.

Only organizations with a valid Chain of Custody (CoC) certificate can label their products with the FSC® mark. This certification tracks the journey of timber from the forest to the final product, ensuring transparency every step of the way. Our vertically integrated “Seed to Seat” model helps us to oversee the entire process from sustainable wood forestry management to producing stylish, handmade solid teak wood furniture, ADUs, and materials. This commitment guarantees that our teak wood is sourced from responsibly managed wood forestry projects to protect animal habitats, preserve biodiversity, and support fair labor practices.

All teak wood products made by MasayaCo, Masaya Homes, and Masaya Teak support sustainable wood forestry practices and have zero contribution to global deforestation.  FSC® Chain of Custody guidance deepens our support of the global effort to combat illegal logging while promoting responsible wood forestry management to benefit communities depending on forests for their livelihoods.

Wood Forestry Certification. Understanding FSC® Labels.

FSC® Certification comes in three types: FSC® 100%, FSC® Recycled, and FSC® Mix. Products with the FSC® 100% label are made entirely from materials sourced from FSC®-certified forests. FSC® Recycled products use only recycled forest-based materials, and FSC® Mix products combine materials from FSC® certified forests projects, recycled, and FSC® controlled wood sources. When you choose FSC®-certified products, you’re pushing the industry towards more sustainable wood forestry practices.

100% Responsible Teak. Upholding Wood Forestry Standards.

Our factory, Maderas Sostenibles in Nicaragua, is FSC®-certified, meaning all our solid teak wood products are handmade from 100% responsibly managed wood forestry projects. Soon, you’ll see the FSC® 100% label with our unique licensing numbers visible on our furniture, backyard homes, and building materials, a testament to our commitment to sustainable wood forestry.

FSC®: Beyond a Label, A Commitment to Wood Forestry.

FSC® Certification is more than just a label; it’s a pledge to preserve our planet’s precious resources. By following FSC® standards, we minimize our environmental impact, protect water quality, reduce carbon emissions, and preserve wildlife habitats. Sustainable wood forestry practices help combat climate change by maintaining forest cover, which absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. This is crucial, especially in tropical regions where deforestation rates have been alarmingly high.

Transformative Wood Forestry. Turning Waste into Value.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond wood forestry management. Our manufacturing processes use environmentally friendly, energy-efficient methods aimed at reducing waste. With FSC® Certification, we maintain high standards of quality and sustainability at every step. From cultivating teak wood to handcrafting stylish, durable products, our Seed to Seat model distinguishes us as a leader in sustainable design and manufacturing.

With FSC® Certification, we maintain high standards of quality and sustainability at every step. Guided by wood forestry principles, from sustainable teak wood cultivation to handcrafting stylish, heirloom quality products our Seed to Seat model distinguishes us as a leader in sustainable design and manufacturing

Reducing, reusing, and recycling waste generated during production is an integral part of FSC® standards. Our Seed to Seat approach ensures that every part of the tree is utilized. Thinnings are transformed into furniture, sawdust is processed for biofuel, and cut-offs are crafted into glulams used in furniture lines like the Batea or as building components in Masaya Homes ADUs.  This comprehensive waste management highlights our commitment to protecting the environment and underscores our innovative, holistic approach to sustainable wood forestry practices.

Trusted Teak. Supporting Sustainable Wood Forestry.

Choosing FSC®-certified products from MasayaCo, Masaya Homes, and Masaya Teak means supporting sustainable practices. The FSC® label is a mark of trust, ensuring that our teak wood products are responsibly produced and sourced from sustainable wood forestry projects.  Customers can feel confident that their purchases help preserve wood forestry and support community well-being.

Social Sustainability in Wood Forestry Practices.

FSC® certification emphasizes the social dimensions of sustainable wood forestry management, and we are dedicated to improving the lives of those who work in and around our wood forestry operations. This includes ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and respect for indigenous rights. FSC® certification shows our commitment to investing in safe and healthy work environments while championing fair labor practices and workers’ rights throughout the supply chain. It also helps us provide comprehensive training and education to our employees on sustainable wood forestry practices, sustainable manufacturing methods, FSC® standards, and certification requirements.

Reforestation projects can have more than just environmental impact when they serve as centers for community engagement, empowerment, and education. Our tree nurseries in Rivas and Managua donate about half of their annual yield to help reforest local communities. We collaborate closely with INAFOR, Nicaragua’s Forestry Ministry, and local Mayor’s offices in areas like Mateares, Chinandega, San Juan del Sur, and Rivas to reforest spent cattle fields. These partnerships ensure that trees are planted where they are most needed, revitalizing landscapes and restoring ecosystems.

Working with local families, we create employment opportunities that establish strong community connections and lasting relationships. When reforestation is positioned as a viable alternative to clear-cutting for cattle farming or large-scale agriculture, local landowners gain access to an economic model for their land that is sustainable and eco-friendly. This approach provides jobs and training for rural communities in wood forestry methods fostering sustainable development that can be passed down through generations.

Continuous Commitment. Wood Forestry and FSC® Standards.

Achieving FSC® certification is the beginning of our relationship with the FSC®. Looking to the future, we aim to increase the percentage of FSC®-certified materials in our products and explore new ways to enhance our sustainability initiatives. This includes investing in research and development to improve our manufacturing processes, such as using solar energy to power our factory, expanding our reforestation projects, and strengthening our partnerships with local communities. We will also submit regular reports to FSC® certifying bodies, showcasing our adherence to certification requirements. Our continuous relationship with the FSC® ensures that we uphold the highest standards of sustainable practice.


By choosing FSC ®-certified products from MasayaCo, Masaya Homes, or Masaya Teak, you can be assured that your selection has a zero contribution to deforestation. You also know that the teak wood in your product was sourced ethically and sustainably with the FSC’s® mission of preserving wood forests “for all, forever.”  Your choice makes a significant impact when it comes to creating a sustainable and thriving planet.

– The MasayaCo Editorial Team

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