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MasayaCo.Lab: Bringing The Myriad Hotel to life
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MasayaCo.Lab: Bringing The Myriad Hotel to life



The world of design and hospitality is ever-evolving, and occasionally, a project comes along that’s not just about aesthetics, but a story waiting to be told. The Myriad Hotel, an extraordinary boutique hotel nestled in Louisville, Kentucky, has embarked on a journey that combines history, creativity, and a touch of disco glamour. Through this blog post, we’ll tell the story of how MasayaCo’s collaboration with The Myriad Hotel came to be - and the uniquely bold pieces that followed.

MasayaCo had the honor of working this project with Erick Klem, from Klem Group and Ashlyn Ackerman, the creative mastermind behind the Myriad Hotel project. 

Setting the mood

Anyone who walks into The Myriad Hotel is instantly enamored with its eclectic vibe. The hotel’s concept draws inspiration from the history of its location, once a factory responsible for producing the world’s disco balls. The disco era’s spirit, a time of fun-loving and free-spirited revelry, is seamlessly integrated into the hotel’s design. Combining elements of mid-century modern, industrial aesthetics, and a quirky touch, The Myriad Hotel pays homage to the past while remaining rooted in its Louisville Highlands neighborhood. 

Italianate and Queen Anne architectural styles give some guest rooms a polished historic character, while the industrial mid-century modern wing lends a more gritty, minimal feel to guest rooms in this section. Three different color schemes for the guest rooms signal to guests which era of the building they are staying in. Each guest room is well appointed with warm wood tones, bold accent colors, comfortable bedding, all the amenities a guest would expect, and some fun surprises as well. Original terrazzo, exposed brick walls, and restored hardwood floors give guest rooms lots of texture and charm. 

The artwork in the property is bold and uniquely local, treating the guest corridors as a permanent gallery. The hotel lobby is combined with a corner coffee-cocktail bar called Switchboard, a nod to the telephone company that occupied a portion of the building. An installation of disco balls in the lobby ceiling sets the mood; warm wood wallcovering evokes a funky 70's basement; even the elevator feels like stepping into a disco ball, complete with its own "party button" which triggers music and dancing lights. Courtyard-facing guest rooms have private lanais or balconies overlooking the Myriad Swim Club, a bright and cheery pool/patio oasis from the surrounding urban neighborhood. Chaises, daybeds, a firepit lounge, and a 70's-style sunken living room provide lots of space to soak up the sun and relax by the pool, all in the shadow of the building's iconic "disco towers" - formerly the factory's dust collection system - painted bright orange and begging to be the star of travel photos. Completing the property is Paseo, a wood-fired restaurant inspired by Southern Europe and the flavors of the Mediterranean, complete with outdoor dining, casual patio, and operable glass walls to blur the line between indoors and outdoors. 

The Myriad Hotel and Swim Club, Paseo, and Switchboard were all designed to tell a little-known story about Louisville's history with the iconic disco ball. The property is a love letter to the Highlands neighborhood, known for it's quirkiness and commitment to being weird. Guests can expect the unexpected at The Myriad but can always count on great service and a good time. 




Getting started: A meeting of minds

Every creative project starts with a spark of inspiration, and for The Myriad Hotel, this spark came from Eric Klem from Klem Group, who knew the collaboration with MasayaCo would be the perfect fit. Our journey together began when the hotel was still in its construction phase. The two teams connected, aligning with their commitment to sustainability and style. 

To make informed decisions, Ashlyn Ackerman, the creative force behind The Myriad Hotel, was provided with MasayaCo’s samples of the wood and manila to feel and experience firsthand. This hands-on approach set the tone for a project where every detail mattered.

“The process of designing the custom lounge chair was so easy. The [MasayaCo] team provided me with a full offering of the color options for the woven rope, and many inspiration images of other patterns and color combinations they've produced. I was able to find color matches for the 3 different room color schemes on our project, as well as our signature brand color. MasayaCo assisted with creating renderings of the colors I selected in different patterns and arrangements until we settled on one that was just right. The whole team was very responsive throughout the specification, rendering, ordering, and manufacturing process. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!”

-Ashlyn Ackerman, Head of Design, The Myriad Hotel

With the pattern and design in place, it was time to set the wheels in motion. The furniture order was sent to production, and the MasayaCo artisans got to work, meticulously carving out each piece from reforested wood and handweaving the pieces to perfection with the chosen colors.




The perfect match: MasayaCo’s contribution

The collaborative journey with MasayaCo was a natural fit for the Myriad Hotel. The custom Masaya Armchairs, ottomans, and daybeds provided by MasayaCo seamlessly integrated into the hotel’s design. With the ability to customize patterns and colors, Ashlyn was able to create signature pieces that tied together the hotel’s various color schemes while also highlighting the brand’s signature orange. The quality and comfort of the pieces have made them stand out, becoming a talking point among guests. 

“Projects always go through some changes from initial concept to final completion. The custom lounge chairs we designed with MasayaCo were, thankfully, one item that didn't change from start to finish. In fact, we tried to customize other details and furniture pieces to specifically coordinate with the signature chairs…The furniture of a boutique hotel is one of the most important parts of the brand identity. Selecting MasayaCo products for these signature pieces helped us create an experience that is memorable and unique for our guests, which is what we strive to do with boutique properties.”



In conclusion: A story of collaboration and creativity

The Myriad Hotel’s journey to create a unique and immersive guest experience is a testament to the power of collaboration and creative thinking. The partnership with MasayaCo brought to life not only unique furniture pieces, but a piece of history and a disco-inspired story that guests can appreciate. 

“All of the furniture arrived in great condition and the quality was even better than expected. The woven lounge chairs haven't lost any of their tension, and the colors really pop in the space. We've had more requests to know where the MasayaCo lounge chairs came from than any other piece of furniture in the project! All of our guests have complimented the style and how comfortable they are.”

This MasayaCo x The Myriad Hotel collaboration showcases how sustainable design, custom craftsmanship and a commitment to guest satisfaction can come together to create a memorable and unique hospitality experience. From pattern creation to production, every step of the process was a testament to the dedication and creativity of the teams involved. 

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