Unique Designs for Residential and Hospitality Projects

Make your next design project part of a reforestation project. Masaya & Co. offers interior designers and architects a remarkable line of furniture & materials for custom, residential, and hospitality projects. Our handcrafted quality, beautiful renewable hardwoods, and handwoven patterns and designs are special and something your client or competition has probably not seen before.

Offer your clients sustainable, handmade furniture and a responsible social message.

Contact us and make reforestation part of your next project.

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Fin & Pearl

Nashville’s first fresh seafood restaurant committed to traceable sourcing and Earth-friendly operations. Its mission is to operate as a wholly sustainable seafood restaurant that inspires others to embrace simple tenets of sustainable living. Throughout Fin & Pearl you will find our plantation grown teak. From the sail boat inspired bar, to the table tops, seating options, ceiling, outdoor furniture, and exterior cladding, Fin & Pearl is home to teak we planted on previously clear-cut parcels of land.

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We can build your ideas...

Masaya & Co. offers interior designers and architects personalized attention for your hospitality and custom projects. We can bring our skilled staff to your conference room online for collaboration and our production facility is less than a day away. You do not have to go to China for personalized service and custom products to your next project. Bring us your idea or your own design for hotel, restaurant or high end residential projects, and we will help you make it.

Contact us and share the idea you'd like to build.

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Fairlane Hotel

The Fairlane Hotel is located in Nashville’s downtown business and arts district. This retro-modern hub offers timeless midcentury style for savvy travelers. Our renewable hardwoods are found in every room throughout this beautiful hotel. See selected images of our work at the Fairlane and other boutique hotels from around the country and abroad.

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Interior Designers and Brick & Mortar Retail...

Are you an interior designer looking for something unique and new to offer your clients? We love working with interior designers and would love to hear about what your clients are looking for.

Are you a brick & mortar furniture or lifestyle brand looking to add a unique product with a special story to your line of in store offerings? We have several retail partnerships across the US and Europe (not to mention our own store in Managua, Nicaragua) and are always interested in growing this list.

Contact us and let us know who you are.

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Custom Residential

We’ve worked on many residential projects in the US and Nicaragua. In addition to our standard furniture line, we offer beautiful custom work. Our renewable hardwoods are an excellent way to add unique and creative touches around your home via accent walls, ceilings, stairs, flooring, & decking. View selected images of custom residential projects.

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